Incumbent Mayor Bob Hagbom took an early lead over challenger Vikki Nuss and never looked back.

With four out of four precincts reported shortly after 10 p.m., Hagbom had 768 votes to 513 for Vikki Nuss.

Hagbom was contacted while celebrating with friends at the South Coast Inn Bed and Breakfast. He expressed gratitude to his supporters and extended an olive branch to Victoria and Don Nuss.

I hope that once this election is behind us, all of us can work for the betterment of the community, he said.

Vikki Nuss, who is on the Brookings Planning Commission, attended the meeting but was not available for comment afterward.

In her campaign, Nuss said if elected she would put before the people a referendum to change the city charter so there could be no more than two appointed members to the council. We need a special election anytime city officials appoint a majority of like-minded people, she said.

Nuss claimed Hagbom was obligated to special interests, saying, I want to be free to do what is right for Brookings and its citizens.

Rick Dentino, who lead Don Nuss 776 to 456 with four of four precincts reported, was contacted outside City Hall where he had chaired the planning commission meeting earlier in the evening.

Dentino expressed surprise and pleasure at the apparent victory.

Weve been holding elections for more than 200 years, and guess what it still works, he said.

Born, raised and educated in Chicago, the eldest son of blue-collar parents, Dentino says he followed local politics as an avocation.

After all, it was, and still is, the most popular spectator sport in the Windy City.

Dentino was appointed to the planning commission three and one-half years ago and is currently vice chair.

Having a grasp of land use issues is valuable for someone serving on city council, he said.

Dentino represented the planning commission on PROUD Positive Revitalization of Urban Downtown, chairing the Infrastructure subcommittee, and served on an advisory committee to the Brookings Transportation System Plan from 1998 to 2000.

He was a member of the first graduating class of Leadership Brookings-Harbor and is a member of the American Music Festival which presents concerts in Azalea Park.

I want to be a part of our Brookings when it comes of age and is able to deliver what its citizenry (you and me) expects up to date, streamlined government, he said.

Dentino opponent, Don Nuss, took an adversary position to the current city council, likening it to a room that has been closed up with shades drawn for far too long.

It needs a good airing. And the light of day needs to shine inside, Nuss says.

By campaigning door to door, I am personally meeting the citizens of Brookings, says Nuss. From these friendly people, I am hearing a common theme.

Voters want sidewalks, paved streets and streetlights in their neighborhood.

They want their tax dollars spent on the real needs. They are tired of the excuses they hear and some have given up on asking. If elected, I will work on finding ways to address these needs.

I am not afraid to stand up and ask, Where has the money gone?

The closest city council race was the three-way contest between Larry Curry, former mayor Fred Hummel and Tim Patterson, owner of KBSC Television.

Larry Curry took a slight early lead and held to it through the evening hours.

By 11 p.m. with all four precincts reported Curry had 538 votes, Hummel was second with 458 votes and Patterson continued to trail with 218 votes.