A Crescent City man who held police at bay for two hours at Rainbow Rock Trailer Park pleaded guilty Tuesday to menacing a couple living there, authorities said.

Burton Rex Rogers, 36, was taken into custody Saturday night after a two-hour standoff at the trailer park. Rogers was charged at that time with eight counts of menacing and lodged at the Curry County Jail.

Earlier that evening, Rogers had arrived at the residence of Ted and Ellen Rogers acting incoherent and agitated, deputies said. At one point, Burt threatened the Rogers. They locked him out of the house and called 9-1-1.

Deputy John Ward, Brookings Police Sgt. Chris Wallace and Officer Gerald Kesseler arrived at approximately 1 a.m. Ward approached the residence and Rogers came around the corner of the building. The lighting conditions were poor, but Ward saw Rogers right hand behind his back and ordered him to stop and put both hands where they could be seen, deputies said.

Rogers then drew what appeared to be a handgun from behind his back and pointed it at Ward, deputies said. Ward was behind a nearby car. He continued to issue verbal commands to Rogers to drop the weapon. He noticed an orange cord extending below the grip and realized the gun was not real. It was later learned that it was an electric glue gun.

Rogers retreated to the back yard and armed himself with a pair of scissors threatening to stab anyone that came near him, and verbally challenging law enforcement to shoot him, deputies said.

Five additional law enforcement personnel were called to the scene including Oregon State Police Trooper Joe Del Greco, Brookings Police Detective John Bishop and Sheriffs Capt. Mark Metcalf and Lt. Allen Boice.

Bishop, who was recently trained in negotiating and diffusing hostage situations, and Boice negotiated with Rogers for approximately one hour. All attempts to get him to drop the scissors failed.

At one point, Boice told Rogers that shooting him wasnt an option, but Rogers still would not drop the scissors. Officers eventually rushed Rogers and incapacitate him with the aid of pepper spray.

I want the public to know that the officers on scene went beyond their training and used discretion, said Sheriff Kent Owens. I want to recognize that they went the extra mile and took the risk to make sure he was safely arrested.