Eve Taylors quick actions Thursday when her car burst into flames likely saved her house and the life of her dogs.

I dont how I did it. It must have been the adrenaline, Taylor said shortly after her one-year-old Rav 4 caught fire.

Taylor returned to her home, off Dotson Lane near Eggers Road, at 4:30 p.m. after taking her two greyhounds for a walk at a nearby beach. When she pulled into the garage she noticed smoke coming from under the cars hood. She tried to back the small car out of her garage, but the engine died.

I didnt want the car to catch fire in the garage. The whole would have burned down, she said.

Taylor put the car in neutral, got out and pushed it backwards out of the garage. Unfortunately, the driveway is sloped and the smoking car, with the dogs still in it, rolled backwards about 25 feet until it struck a large tree on the side of the driveway.

I ran to car and let the dogs out. A moment later the car burst into flames, Taylor said. She ran into the house and called 911.

The fire engulfed the car and then ignited the bottom of the tree, she said.

Members of the Cape Ferrelo Rural Fire Protection District arrived a few minutes later and extinguish the burning car.

It was a good thing she pushed the car out of the garage, said volunteer fireman Ron Pearce. She did the right thing. That house would have been half-way gone by the time we got there.

Pearce lauded the firefighters for their quick response. The trucks arrive at the scene withing eight minutes of getting the call, he said.

The Cape Ferello fire station was located only a few miles away, but Dotson Lane is a narrow gravel road that winds its way from Eggers Road through the trees.

Pearce was unable to determine the cause of the fire during his initial investigation. There was no oil in the garage or any sign or smell of gasoline, he said. An investigator from Taylors insurance agency will come out to inspect the car, he said.