Curry County Commissioner Bill Roberts suffered a stroke in Southern California during the Thanksgiving holiday and was treated at the University of California hospital in Irvine.

Commissioner Lloyd Olds said Wednesday that doctors there could find no blocked arteries.

Olds said, It was a pretty major stroke. He said Roberts cant walk and will need therapy when he returns to Curry County.

Commissioner Cheryl Thorp said Roberts returned to Brookings about 1 a.m. Thursday.

She said his wife Ruth confirmed that Roberts had suffered a major stroke that affected his right side and speech. She told Thorp he is resting now and can walk with the aid of a walker.

Olds wasnt sure exactly which day the stroke occurred. He said Roberts had traveled to Southern California to take his grandchildren to Disneyland.

He made it there, and to Knotts Berry Farm, but suffered the stroke before his planned visit to Universal Studios.

Olds said the whirlwind tour might have played a role in the stroke. First, Roberts may have forgotten to take his blood-thinning medication for a few days.

The sudden exercise may have also played a role. Olds said the top of Roberts heart was damaged two years ago when he took diet medications.

Olds said Roberts heart is not flushing blood through properly. He said without the blood-thinning medication, Roberts walking tour could have pumped thickened blood into an artery, causing a temporary blockage and stroke.

Olds said hed noticed Roberts speech had been slurred over the past few months, and had encouraged him to have it checked out in Medford.

Olds thought Roberts might have been suffering a series of mini-strokes. He said, however, that Roberts Medford exam turned up no blockages.