After a grand jury hearing, state officials say no criminal charges will be filed against Curry County Commissioner Lloyd Olds in connection with an August confrontation in Harbor.

The case is basically over, said Kristen Grainger, executive assistant to Oregon Attorney General Hardy Myers.

An investigation began in August when Brookings resident Charles David alleged that Olds threatened him with a gun.

Olds has admitted to pulling a gun during the incident, which occurred at the Sunshine Cove Trailer Park in Harbor on Aug. 15, but he said it was in self-defense.

Olds said he was in the park at the time delivering tax summaries for the county, which was confirmed by Curry County Tax Collector Patty Ingersoll.

Olds said he was followed by David, who threatened him, and drew the gun because he feared for his life. David said he was in the park to visit a friend when Olds accosted him and threatened his life.

Because grand jury hearings are secret, Grainger was unable to verify that a grand jury hearing had taken place before the case was closed. However, parties to the hearing, including Olds and David, said the hearing took place.

I got a letter back, Olds said about being notified of the attorney generals decision not to pursue the case. I appreciate how it went. Ive lived here long enough and I care about justice.

He added, Its just what I said all along. It never should have happened.

He said if complaints filed by him and his brother against David had been handled properly by Curry County District Attorney Patrick Foley the incident would not have occurred.

He said it was a civil matter, Olds said about Foleys response to complaints filed against David.

Both sides in the dispute claim damages in loss of property during a period when commissioner Olds brother Larry lived in Davids Brookings home.