The Brookings-Harbor 17-C School Board moved forward Monday on several fronts related to the $14 million voter-approved school bond.

First, the board unanimously voted to hire Eugene-based WBGS Architecture and Planning for post-bond architecture and engineering services.

Superintendent Paul Prevenas recommended the board approve a contract with WBGS, which had worked with the district in pre-bond planning.

WBGS was one of four firms that submitted bids to oversee the construction and remodeling projects to be paid for by school bond, approved by voters in November.

The firms proposals were reviewed by members of an Ad Hoc Review Committee established by Prevenas to evaluate each companys qualifications. Committee members included school board members, district administrators and people from the community, he said.

Prevenas said he recommended WBGS because of its work with the district so far, and its track record doing similar projects with other school districts.

We dont want to switch horses in the middle of the stream, but we also wanted to give the other firms a fair chance at winning the contract, Prevenas said.

WBGS is also aware of the districts desire to use as many local contractors as possible in doing many of the construction and remodeling projects, Prevenas said.

In a related matter, the board re-affirmed Prevenas earlier recommendations regarding the actual selling of the school constructions bonds.

Under the advice of its financial advisors, the district has divided the $14 million of approved bonds into two parts, with $10 million to be issued this month, and $4 million in January.

Splitting the bond between two calendar years is good for tax purposes, Prevenas said. And since the bulk of the money will not be needed until late summer and fall, this action will allow the district to re-invest the money immediately and make additional interest, he said.

In another bond-related issue, the school board unanimously voted to establish a separate capital projects fund for all proceeds from the approved bond sales.

The separate fund will enable the district to segregate the bond revenues from the districts other financial resources. This will help the district keep track of all dollars expended on the project, Prevenas said.

In another related issue, the board unanimously approved an memorandum of understanding drafted by Prevenas that establishes a Citizens Review and Oversight Committee that will provide the district with advice and suggestions related to the improvement projects.

The committee will work closely with Prevenas, the maintenance supervisor, the architect and project manager.

The goal of the committee, Prevenas said, is to insure the project is completed as close as reasonably possible according to the general plan approved by the voters. The committee will consist of members on two levels.

The primary level consist of five permanent members appointed by Prevenas who have knowledge or experience in architecture and areas of construction.

The second level will consist of community members who may be interested in participating in the project in a limited capacity.

For the first level, Prevenas has selected Larry Aslinger, Frank Cembellin, Buzz Hansen and Ben Nolan, most of which were members of the Schools Designed for Learning group, which promoted the bond.

At the secondary level, Prevenas has selected Al Bates, Francis Johns and Tom Martin. Prevenas may appoint more members to this group in the future.

And finally, the school board officially certified the final ballot counts issued by the Curry County Elections office. This action was necessary to move forward on the bond plans.

The finally voting results were

3,614 yes, 54.66 percent.

2,998 no, 45.34 percent.