Duly elected, not appointed.

That was the message Mayor Bob Hagbom issued after he was sworn into office Monday at the first Brookings City Council meeting of the year 2001.

Hagbom was refering to his opponents who, during the city council election campaign, pointed out that all members of the city council at the time, except Frances Johns, had been appointed to their positions, not elected.

Municipal Court Judge Rich Harper was on hand to administer the oath of office to Hagbom, newly-elected council members and the new city recorder. First to take the oath of office was Finance Director/City Recorder Randy Reed.

Reed, who comes to Brookings from Kenner, La., started work on Dec. 21, 2000. A welcome ceremony for him was held Monday morning in the council chambers at city hall, where citizens had the opportunity to meet him.

Councilor No. 1 Rick Dentino sat in the audience at the beginning of the council meeting. He took his seat at the council dias after he was administered the oath of office by the judge.

Next to take the oath of office was Councilor No. 2 Larry Curry, followed by Hagbom.

Following the ceremonies, Hagbom returned to his seat at the council table.

There. Duly elected, not appointed, he said. Four of five of us. And well work on Lorraine when the time comes.

Hagbom said the city would work on a procedure for filling vacancies that occurred between elections.