The American Red Cross Lane County Chapter provided assistance Thursday to Harbor residents Harold Horn and his granddaughter Sherri Estelle after their house burned down.

The Red Cross provided a weeks lodging at the Best Western Brookings Inn and meals at the Flying Gull. It also provided a $100 voucher to Fred Meyer for clothing, Estelle said.

A wood stove fire that got out of control Tuesday destroyed the two-story home of Horn and Estelle at 15697 Pedrioli Drive, fire officials said.

Horn, 88, started a fire in his wood stove and failed to completely latch the door, said Harbor Fire Chief Frank Kelley.

Kelley said something from the stove probably fell against the door and onto the carpet, causing the fire.

I went to the kitchen and was cooking, Horn said. I heard a bang and went in there.

He saw smoke, but did not see the flames.

I opened the front door and that sucked it up even more, he said.

He attempted to put the fire out with a broom, but was unsuccessful, Kelley said.

Horn said he was in the house for approximately five minutes before he ran outside and stood in the front door. He wasnt worried at that point.

I thought it could be put out, he said.

Neighbor Susan Itzen saw Horn standing in the doorway and yelled at him to get out of the way. She then pulled him from the door as flames were coming out, Kelley said.

Horn was treated for smoke inhalation and released from Sutter Coast Hospital Tuesday.

Estelle was in Medford for a doctors appointment and came home to find the charred remains of the house.

The is the second house fire Estelle has experienced. Her home in Klamath Falls burned down seven years ago.

The home is a complete loss, Kelley said. Horn had insurance through Farmers Insurance Group. The insurance company paid for lodging at the Bonn Motel for three days.

Horn and Estelle said they lost everything in the fire including their toiletry items and photos.

Kelley suggests that wood stove owners take some precautions. People with wood stoves should have a fire resistant mat in front of the stove so anything falling out of it wont ignite something on the floor.

Horn said he will tear down the structure of the home. He is unsure of what he will do after that.

If I do anything, Ill get a mobile home and put it on the property.