Clients who have paid in advance for funeral services at the recently bankrupt Scantlins Mortuary in Brookings can get their money back, said Howard Lichtig, the bankruptcy attorney for the mortuary.

Lichtig can be reached at his Port Orford office at (541) 332-6060.

Terence Saylor, the owner of Scantlins, filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy on Jan. 5, 2001. Lichtig said Saylors total debt for the corporation was $567,000.

With Scantlins going bankrupt, residents have the option of using Littys Funeral Directors in Brookings and Gold Beach, or the Port Orford Funeral Service. Beyond that, residents will have to go out of the county for services. They can also go out of the state, but that is a complicated process.

David Koach of the Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board confirmed that Littys Funeral Directors is licensed in Oregon. He said that a funeral home must have a licensed facility and a licensed funeral provider.

Charles Yost is the licensed funeral provider at Littys and is currently managing both the Brookings and Gold Beach homes.

Koach said that under certain circumstances, one person can petition to manage more than one funeral home. He said he is not sure if Littys has made such a request to the board, but he expects a request to be made.

Brookings residents who want to use an out-of-state funeral home, such as Wiers Mortuary Chapel and Crematory in Crescent City, will have to go through a complicated process.

Wiers is not licensed to operate in Oregon or file an Oregon death certificate, Koach said.

He added that human remains should not be removed from the state unless they are accompanied by an Oregon disposal-transit permit.

The permit is part of the death certificate and can be completed by a licensed Oregon funeral service provider. A licensed provider fills out the certificate and assures that a physician or medical examiner signs off on the cause of death. The certificate and permit is filed with the county registrar.

A friend, relative or other interested person can act as the funeral service provider and get the certificate and permit as long as that person isnt paid, Koach said. However, the person would need some assistance in correctly filling out the paperwork and filing it.

If Brookings residents want to use a funeral home outside of Oregon, a licensed home in Oregon would need to remove the body, fill out the transit permit and file the death certificate. The out-of-state funeral provider could then take over the arrangements, Koach said.