The Port of Brookings Harbor is delaying adoption of the Master Plan 2001 revision in order to get more input from the public.

Port Executive Director Russ Crabtree said citizens have come to the port offices and filled out comment sheets on the master plan.

Weve had some 50 people come in and make comments, Crabtree said. Many of these comments have been good, constructive input.

Crabtree said responders had pointed out a few mistakes made in the preparation of the layouts.

For example, we put a gazebo right in the middle of the Hallmark Fisheries dock, Crabtree said.

Hallmark is one of the ports most important businesses., Crabtree said.

Some responders felt the gazebos which had been suggested as a means of providing identity to the port were unnecessary, Crabtree said.

Some preferred picnic bunkers, while others were against both, he said.

One respondent said, Too many gazebos for transients to camp in.

Other people asked: Where is the boat storage drydock? Do we need more retail space? Is what we have always full?

One person said there need to be more trees at RV park and camping area.

Crabtree said the proposed jogging and bike paths received excellent support.

Michael Cosgrove, of Brookings, pointed out that the new resort hotel would directly compete with the Best Western Beachfront Inn.

This is not public policy and the Port of Brookings-Harbor is a tax-supported public entity.

Cosgrove, a retired engineer, said the hotel would not fit on the property with enough setback for sewer eductor pumps to protect the river, would block the view of existing Del Norte Avenue homeowners and would have parking only in the floodable high surf zone.

See Port comments, Page 11A