GOLD BEACH Curry County Commissioner Marlyn Schafer said Wednesday she was misinterpreted when she suggested the Animal Control program stand alone in its own fund.

She was not suggesting Animal Control become its own department, or be put back under the sheriffs office, she said.

Animal Control, along with a dozen other county functions, will remain under the supervision of the commissioners office.

For accounting purposes, however, Schafer would like to see all those functions separated so each could see how its own budget is doing. She said some of those functions cause the commissioners office to go over budget, when the commissioners and their staff have little to do with it.

Included in the commissioners office budget is office administration, the Curry Coast Airpark at Brookings, and the Board of Property Tax Appeals.

Also included is Veterans Services, county counsel, solid waste, the court mediation fund, the state court security fund, the county land management fund, the economic development fund, and the cable television franchise fund.

Animal Control has its own fund in the commissioners office budget, but its revenues go into the dog licenses fund and must be transferred to pay expenses. Schafer would like to eliminate that unwieldy system.

She is concerned because Animal Control projected its revenue to be $74,137 during this fiscal year. She said it has received only $29,101 of that, but is already halfway to its projected expense total of $65,545.

Schafer said the commissioners havent made any decisions yet as to what to do about Animal Control or how to staff it.

Commissioner Cheryl Thorp said, If you mess with the shelter, youll have all of the population on your back.

Schafer said, Maybe the people will come forward with donations.

Commissioner Lucie La Bont said, We need to figure something out.

She asked if the Retired Senior Volunteer Program could help.

We can try, said Program Director Sharon Mather.

Mather said she would first need to know what the duties would be. She warned that the commissioners wouldnt be getting eight-hour-a-day, five-day-a-week volunteers.

Those arent volunteers, she said, those are people working for free.

Mather said she may be able to find volunteers to fill in at the shelter office at times.

Thorp suggested Animal Control ask if the South Coast Humane Society could help.

She said she definitely wants to keep shelter attendant Fred Souza, a displaced timber worker.

Weve got to find a solution or we will have the citizens on our backs, Thorp said.