Brookings-Harbor High School?s Bear Delights dance team put on a show so hot that itmay have set off the fire alarms in the gym.

Although the show kept the audience applauding, the fire alarm was a prank that amused few people and ended an evening of dance performances by girls from kindergarten through high school. The stands in the high school gym were filled, with some people standing.

The camp attracted 176 girls interested in learning about dance. It was taught by the 13 members of the Bear Delights dance team, said Melody Gossard, dance team coach.

Joining the campers were the dance teams from Azalea Middle School. The Dance Arts Center from Crescent City, under the direction of Tammy Burrows, entertained wearing colorful skirts and performing acrobatics.

Bear Delights members choreographed the dances performed by the campers, Gossard said. The campers were taught a variety of dance techniques and the basics of keeping time.

Thursday night the show opened with the Bear Delights dancing to the routine it performs in state competition. Unlike previous years, the dancers opted to do the performance first so people could see the performance, Gossard said.

This year the girls did not use a set for their competition dance. However, they did wear make-up for the dance that they didn?t wish to wear throughout the evening, which is also why they chose to do the routine first.

The routine, which was also the theme for the dance camp, was Exploring the Darkness.

Gossard said she had no intention of making the dance controversial, but the black make-up and dancing to a Rob Zombie song caused people to misinterpret the meaning of the dance.

The routine was about a child escaping from a nightmare. In the end, everything is OK. Gossard said she screens the lyrics of all songs performed during dance routines to make sure there are no expletives.

Gossard said the girls did well performing the routine. Three of the girls were in the Top 10 in the state, including Kira Tantare, Melissa Robinson and Tiffany Gossard.

The girls also attended the All-Star football game in Australia. Gossard, who admits she?s not a flier, said they had trouble getting to Australia, so the plane circled around Fiji and started to get low on fuel, which made Gossard nervous, she said.

Otherwise, the trip was enjoyable, Gossard said. The girls visited the Gold Coast.

During the performance, Gossard also thanked the audience for passing the school bond. When a cafeteria and other buildings are complete, people will see many improvements to the school facilities, she said.

She also thanked the athletes who use the gym for practice because they let the dancers use the facility for the camp. She also thanked the school administration for making the dance camp possible.

The Bear Delights performed ?She Bangs? and ?Try Again.?

Following the competition performance, the parents of the seniors were introduced.

Seventh and eighth grade dance campers performed under the leadership of Amanda Ingram and Lisa Fulton. They were followed by the Azalea Middle School dance team coached by Molly Wales and Shelly Matson.

Kindergartners and first graders were instructed by Kimberly Kerr, Heather Robinson and Amanda Parke.

Second graders were taught by Tantare, Alyssa Babin and Nicole Brewer. Instructors for third and fourth graders were Tiffany Gossard, Crissy Cooper and Melissa Mattos.

Melissa Robinson and Erin Gardner taught the fifth and sixth graders.

Following the Senior All-State Performance, all the dance team members were introduced. During the introduction a fire alarm caused an evacuation and possibly a few irate high school seniors who were not introduced.

Seniors are Tantare, Robinson, Kerr, Fulton, Ingram and Babin.