A transient was charged with fourth-degree assault Friday afternoon after allegedly assaulting a 72-year-old Harbor man.

Tiffany Dow, 21, allegedly stole several lemons from a makeshift stand belonging to Wanda and Ernie Hoerler in front of their home on Pedrioli Drive.

Wanda, 66, told police she saw Dow take them and alerted her husband. Ernie got in his car and chased Dow down the street catching her near a bed and breakfast business called Charthouse. An altercation between Ernie and Dow ensued, police said.

She was beating him and wailing away on him, Wanda said.

She ran to help her husband and fell sustaining a gash on her forehead and breaking her glasses, she said.

Ernie held Dow down until police arrived, said Deputy John Ward.

Ernie sustained injuries on his head, leg, knees and elbow, Ward said.

Dow said she thought the lemons were free and then fought back when Ernie confronted her, Ward said.

An ambulance was called, but the Hoerlers were not transported. Dow was lodged at the Curry County Jail.