Its a constant question: How many people are there in Brookings-Harbor?

The 2000 Census says there are 5,447 people in the city of Brookings, 2,622 in the core area of Harbor, and a total of 13,328 people in the southern end of Curry County.

The first official census figures for Oregon were released this week, showing Curry County with:

A growth rate less than half the state average.

The lowest percentage of children of any county in the state.

A growing, but still small, proportion of minorities.

The slower growth in Curry County means the county may lose a little clout in the Oregon Legislature over the next 10 years, in the wake of the 2000 Census. The census figures are used to redraw the boundaries for both congressional districts and legislative districts.

The 2000 figures show a Curry County population of 21,127, up from 19,327 in 1990, the last official census. Thats an increase of 9.3 percent, compared to statewide growth of 20 percent.

As a result, Curry Countys share of a seat in the Oregon House of Representatives will shrink from .40 under the 1990 count to .37 in the new figures.

The county currently shares House District 48 with the southern portion of Coos County.

The Coos County share of a House seat slips from 1.27 seats to 1.10 in the new figures. Coos County is listed at 62,779 in the 2000 Census, compared to 60,273 in 1990 growth of only 4.2 percent.

The census figures released this week were limited, focusing only on population, ethnicity and number of adults and children.

Curry County has the smallest proportion of residents under 18 in the state. Only 19 percent of Curry Countys residents were under 18 in 2000, compared to figures as high as 30 percent in Jefferson County and 31 percent in Morrow County. Statewide, 24.7 percent of residents are under 18, down slightly from the 1990 Census.

Figures breaking out the senior population are not due to be released by the U.S. Census Bureau until this summer.

The minority population in Oregon doubled over the past decade, with the proportion of minority residents growing from 9 to 15 percent. Minority figures in Curry County released this week included:

42 Blacks, up 34 percent from the 1990 Census.

197 Asian or Pacific Islanders, up 62 percent from 1990.

761 Hispanics, up 115 percent from 1990.

514 Native American, up 11 percent from 1990.

614 listed as multi-racial, a new category in the 2000 Census.

Data from the 2000 Census is being released in segments throughout this year, starting with this weeks general population figures and ethnic breakdowns. As they are released, they are being posted on the bureaus Web site at