GOLD BEACH The Curry Coast Airpark, formerly the Brookings State Airport, was renamed the Brookings Airport by the Curry County Commissioners Monday.

The word state was left out of its new title because the airport is now owned by the county, not the state.

The airport was renamed by the previous commissioners to reflect county ownership, but pilots and state aeronautics officials had problems with the new name, said Commissioner Lucie La Bont.

La Bont recently received a letter from Paul McLeod, corporate secretary of the Brookings Flying Club requesting the name be changed back.

He said the term airpark has a specific meaning in the aviation world. It refers to an airport that has homes with taxiways leading up to the driveways, so you can pull your airplane out of the garage and fly away.

McLeod said airport names that dont identify the city they are located in are confusing and make it nearly impossible to promote the airport to people outside the area.

He said changing the name back to the Brookings Airport would help bring Federal Aviation Administration and state aviation funds to the community.

We also know for a fact that a clearly named airport will guide pilots to Brookings to spend their money in our community, said McLeod.

Commissioner Marlyn Schafer wondered if the name should be changed to the Brookings-Harbor Airport, since so many things in the community reflect the dual name.

La Bont said the airport is in Brookings, and that the name could be changed again if Harbor ever annexes to Brookings.