Workers erected a giant white tent in the Brookings-Harbor High School parking lot Tuesday in preparation for the 12th annual Coos-Curry Electric Co-op Home Show scheduled for Friday and Saturday.

A group of high school students used tremendous muscle power to pull the thick, fire retardant canvas up and over the tents steel skeleton. Most of the tent structure was complete by the end of Tuesday.

The show will feature vendor booths offering a wide variety of home products ranging from satellite television systems to alpacas.

The hours of the first day of the show are 1 to 7 p.m., while the second day they will be 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.. The event is free.

For information see the special Home Show section in todays Pilot.

The vendors who participate in the home show tell organizers the Brookings event is the best of its kind in Southwestern Oregon.

We do a lot of shows in Southern and Central Oregon, and we have found that the atmosphere of the people and the vendors is always positive and out-going, says Shon Blunt of All Natural Pest Elimination, who will be back with his booth again this year.

Weve had nothing but good things to say about this show, agrees Joel Perkins of Southern Oregon Sunrooms, who will be back again this weekend. Weve recommended it to lots of other firms.

Why is it better?

The way the show is organized and run is tremendous and the response is tremendous, Blunt says. Its the only show where people are waiting outside to come in even if its raining.

Perkins also credits the organizers, from the security and the Friday-Saturday format to finding flowers on their table to welcome them to Brookings. Its just a wonderful experience to go to Brookings.

You feel wanted; people are glad to have you there, says Perkins. The crowds are wonderful and very receptive.

Blunt and his firm respond in kind, trying to as much in homeowner education as they do in outright sales contacts. They spend time, for example, telling people about the difference between the brown recluse spider, which doesnt reside in Oregon, and the hobo spider, whose bite looks just the same.

We try to tell other shows what they do there: Security, community involvement, and making it one of the shortest shows that we do, Blunt says. But we get more response out of that show than we do in bigger areas.

Its one of the most well put together shows in Oregon and Northern California, agrees Perkins. It does everything you want it to do and we still have Sunday off to go to the beach.