The city of Brookings and its skateboarders received a $100,000 anonymous donation this week, bringing the total amount raised to $120,000, enough to make a proposed skate park a reality.

Wheels started turning last week when an anonymous donation of $10,000 was given to the city for the skateboard park fund.

A Brookings man who asked to remain anonymous finished the job on Monday with another $100,000.

City officials say the park will cost $120,000 to build. Donations from the Brookings Harbor Rotary Club and private citizens added up to the initial $10,000 that went into the collection.

Its fully funded now, Brookings City Manager Leroy Blodgett said Tuesday. It was great news.

The park is to be built at Bud Cross Park. Now all that has to be worked out is when the park can be built, Blodgett said.

If all things go well, were trying to get it done definitely before the end of summer, he said.

The city was hoping to build the skate park by the time school finished this year, but the contractor hired to build the park, Dreamland Skate Park Design Team, is busy until August, he said.

The design team has been developing state-of-the-art skateboard facilities in Portland and along the West Coast.

Right now, the company is building a park in Redding, Calif., and is scheduled to build a park in Austria in June.

This will leave just a three-week window for them to build the park before then, which is impossible, since it will take an estimated 40 days to build, Johnson said.

They dont want to leave anything unfinished, said Russ Johnson, chairman of the Brookings-Harbor Skateboard Park Committee. Its all or nothing for them.

Johnson said the project is likely to be finished by the end of the summer. The contractors could possibly be here around Aug. 14, he said. Were hoping to get the project done before the kids go back to school, he said.

Johnson said the contractors have another job lined up before Brookings, but they are interested in pushing up the priority of the Brookings park.

They want to give us a little more priority than before, Johnson said. Chances are theyll be in Brookings first.

Johnson said he was going to discuss the date on which the project will begin with the builders today (April 11).

The goal is to get a quality park built quickly because it is important to the anonymous donor, Johnson said

The only stipulation was that he wanted to see (the park) in use, he said.

The letter accompanying the $100,000 check reportedly said, The skate park is a worthy project for our community and offers an opportunity for our young residents to have a safer place than the streets to test and display their skills.

The letter continued, Our community is a beautiful place to live, not only because of the natural beauty that constantly surrounds us, but also because of the people living here.

Johnson said, If the sites in place and the moneys in place its done. Its just a matter of getting those guys down here to do it.

For Johnson, the initial shock hasnt worn off.

I was so excited most of the day yesterday, Johnson said. I could barely speak.