The stars were out Thursday night when Brookings-Harbor High School students showed their stage skills at the 2001 Talent Show.

Kylie Carpenter and Josh Michlitsch hosted the event titled Hollywood Nights, which was sponsored by the sophomore class. The show was a fundraiser for the 2002 Junior Prom, the hosts announced.

Students performed in front of a panel of judges, competing for cash prizes.

Winning first place for his stand-up comedy act was Matt McVay. His routine, which poked fun of sports injuries, traffic tickets and wrestling, caused the auditorium to be filled with laughter and won him $40.

The second place prize of $20 was won by Desire Loe who performed a rap song almost from memory. Third place went to Jessica Pruden who won $10 for performing a song about letting go of a lover.

Judges were Pam Lynn, Cecilia Worlton, Rawland Swift, Jamie Caylor and Sherry Friar.

The evening, which took place in a crowded high school auditorium, began with Debra Hirjak singing a solo. Her act was followed by a self-choreographed dance routine by Jana Tavel.

Carpenter and Michlitsch entertained the crowd while Brad Cupp, Ray Tuttle and Lance Kessler readied their guitars and drums for their performance that filled the auditorium with sound.

Olivia Geraghty quieted the stage when she performed an original solo piece on clarinet.

While the students and judges took a break, high school staff members performed their own hoe-down-style number about boogers. The nose-picking routine ended with the performers throwing boogers (small pieces of wrappers) into the audience.

A high-kicking dance routine was performed by Crissy Cooper followed by Prudens solo and McVays comedy act.

Sometimes the show must go on, other times the show must stop to get the accompanist in the right place. April Kinney started singing her song accompanied by vocal instructor Jerry Moffit, but nothing sounded right. She stopped her solo and Moffit apologized for having the music pages in the wrong order because of the low lighting.

Only the black lights at the front of the stage were used for Loes rap performance.

Capping the talent portion of the show was Brian Riddle and Justin Amerhossini, known only as Justin and Brian, who played an electric guitar duet.

While the ballots were tallied, the audience was treated to a solo performance by Patrick Johns.