The Curry County District Attorney and the Brookings Police Department are asking the publics help in recovering a rifle possibly used in the Hoenshell double homicide.

At the request of police, Curry County Crime Stoppers is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the recovery of a .22 rifle that police believe was taken from the Hoenshells home and may have been used to kill them.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Brookings Police Detective John Bishop at (541) 469-3118, or call the Crime Stoppers hotline at (888) 974-0000 or (541) 412-0989.

Curry County District Attorney Charles Steak on Thursday said members of the Curry County Sheriffs Search and Rescue combed several county roads and rivers for the missing .22 rifle shortly after the Hoenshells bodies were discovered.

Search and rescue put in about 91 hours, Steak said. Divers searched a part of the Chetco and Winchuck rivers.

The bodies of Dorothy Hoenshell, 72, and Edward Hoenshell, 77, were discovered on April 9 by a real estate agent entering their home at 717 Fourth St.

The couples car was found in Crescent City by the California Highway Patrol later that day.

Their grandson, Gregory Arthur Hoenshell, who was reportedly last seen driving the couples car, was arrested the following day in Crescent City on unrelated charges.

Hoenshell was sentenced Thursday in Del Norte County Superior Court to 16 months in a California state prison for possessing a forged check and for failure to appear.

On Thursday, Steak said no one has been named as a suspect yet, although the grandson continues to be a person of interest in this matter.

He said the public was in no danger from any suspect or suspects at large.

If we thought there was something that would put the public in danger, we would let people know, Steak said.

He also said the public should not expect a speedy result in the case unless the police discover additional information.

The investigators meticulous work also is slowing the process down, he said.

We want to be sure that things are done thoroughly, especially in a case like this where there is so much at stake, he said.

Steak said the Curry County Grand Jury has been convened to investigate the Hoenshell murders. The grand jurys investigation could last up to a month and a half, he said.

Steak shared additional information about the investigation on Thursday.

He said several Crescent City residents were recently subpoenaed in the case and appeared before a Del Norte County Superior Court Judge. Their appearances were a merely a formality, Steak said.

Whenever witnesses in one county are sought for a case being investigated in a different one, the judge in the first county must approved the subpoenas, he said.

Judges routinely approve such requests, he said.

At the request of Steak, several detectives from the Oregon Department of Justice are assisting with the investigation.