Slug Crockets Rocket slimed its way ahead of Smitty to become grand champion at the eighth annual slug races at the Port of Brookings Harbor Saturday.

The event celebrates the eighth year of business for Slugs n Stones n Ice Cream Cones and raised $37 plus donations for South Coast Humane Society.

Money was raised through $2 slug rental fees and betting, said organizers Pat Silveria from Slugs n Stones.

Laurie Calef said well give you a year off, well retire you, as she encouraged Crockets Rocket, rented by Shirley Crocket.

Crocket won a $25 gift certificate for ice cream from Slugs n Stones and a $15 gift certificate from For Pets Sake.

Smitty, also a rental slug, who was caught on a ripple of plastic was told to take a left by his jockey Lyle Smith.

Smiths slug competed with 20 other slugs to win the first race of the afternoon and earn the right to participate in the final heat.

To race, slugs were placed at the bottom of gallon-size plastic freezer bags attached to boards. The boards were laid flat and the first slug to slime its entire body out of a bag won.

Dean McConnell and Calef again served as the afternoons Slug Monitors, by offering a variety of rental slugs gathered from the ranch, they said.

The ranch has been relocated and has tighter security, McConnell said.

About 50 slugs attended. The younger ones just came for the experience, Calef said. They get such jitters.

Willa Jones, from Slugs n Stones, performed her annual duty of judging the prettiest, longest and smallest slug contests.

Gabe Breiling won smallest slug with his 5/8-inch slimer. Prettiest slug was awarded to Georgia Poole-Alexanders slug, Ms. Yvonne.

Joe Nelson and Willie Bennett shared slug FTW, who stretched to nearly 6 1/2 inches to win the longest slug honor.