GOLD BEACH The South Coast Humane Society topped off its recent $10,000 donation to the Curry County Animal Shelter with the promise of ongoing help.

Animal Control Supervisor Trig Garayalde told the county commissioners Monday that the society will donate the proceeds from its thrift shop earned during the last Wednesday of every month to the shelter.

Society President Billie Seig said the store made $359 last Wednesday. She warned, however, that the society cant promise the donation forever. Diane Pace, of the Paws and Claws Committee, which has been helping the shelter raise funds, thanked the society for the donation, as did Commissioner Lucie La Bont.

Commissioner Marlyn Schafer said the shelter also received $1,000 from a private party last week. She said the $10,000 from the society will go directly to the Animal Shelter fund to balance its budget and keep it running through June 30, until the budget for fiscal year 2001-02 kicks in.

How the other donations are spent will be determined by the Paws and Claws Committee, which includes Pace and Garayalde. One possibility is a fund to help pet owners who cant afford the recent increases in license fees.

The commissioners also approved the shelters new fees Monday. It will cost $50 to adopt a dog or puppy. Licenses, required by county law, will cost $13 for neutered and spayed dogs and $35 for others.

Kenneled dogs will be charged $5 for a license and there will be no license fees for guide dogs for the blind. The fee will be $25 for an owner to turn a dog over to the shelter.

Fees to redeem impounded dogs will be $30 for the first impound, $60 for the second, and $120 for subsequent incidents, plus $7.50 a day for care and feeding.