A panel of judges decided Saturday night that Elaine Prevenas should be the one to reign over this years Azalea Festival.

Her crown was placed by last years queen, Katy Harding.

Prevenas also impressed the judges with her singing of America dressed in a T-shirt with a heart-shaped American flag and a red, white and blue scarf covering her red locks. Because of her singing, accompanied by Brookings-Harbor School District vocal instructor Jerry Moffit, judges decided she should win the award for best talent.

First runner up was Amanda Ingram, who was awarded a $50 savings bond for selling the most tickets to the pageant that took place in the Brookings-Harbor High School gym. It was decorated in a Mexican rancheria setting.

Probably because she sold the most tickets, Ingram seemed to have the loudest rooting section. This included a group who held up individual letters that spelled her name.

Ticket sales were apparently down this year as it appeared many seats in the balcony were available, seats were vacant in the stands and fewer chairs were setup on the gym floor.

Ingram performed a dance routine for the talent portion of the competition that had the audience clapping to the music.

Second runner was Allison Towers who belted out Amazing Grace using a different arrangement for each stanza. Her solo also was accompanied by Moffit.

Miss Congeniality, an award decided upon by the court, was presented to Alyssa Babin. A dance routine performed mostly in a Superman outfit highlighted the talent presentation by Babin.

Cari Freeman presented the judges with a rap song depicting her life. Adding an unusual twist to rap music was her appearing as a leather-clad cowgirl.

The contestants were judged on talent, an interview, evening gown and street attire modeling.

Each princess introduced herself while modeling the street attire. Each described her future plans, including Babin declaring that she was going to change the world. Prevenas drew laughter from the audience after she said she will become president.

After each princess walked down the runway in her evening gown, set to music of her choosing, she was asked a question contrived by the judges, which were Terri Misfeldt, John Schnase, Linda Miller, Sally Halverson and Jack Reese. Clar Byers, serving as statistician, interpreted the judges scores.

Although each contestant could not hear the question until they were on stage standing next to emcee Darrel Erb, the audience laughed each time Erb greeted the contestant with you look lovely tonight, and each response was consistently, so do you.

However, each girl had a different response to the question, Lets say you were asked to be in charge of a special fundraising event, what event would it be, what approach would be used to generate funds for the project?

Babin said she would put on a pageant and she would do it right and do it well. She said she would get lots of money from the community by selling pageant posters.

Freeman said she would make the event her senior project for Over the Rainbow. She said she would solicit funds from merchants and give the money to benefit children in the program.

Towers said she would gather music from different venues for an event. She would organize community service activities and seek funds from the generous community.

Prevenas said her dream is to run a marathon, so she would like to keep physically fit. She would organize a marathon. Each runner would gather sponsors. She would get the word out using the newspapers and the radio. The marathon would benefit those who I would be raising money for and for those participating.

Ingram said because she has had to deal with grandparents suffering from cancer and cancer has affected me personally, she would raise funds for cancer research. She would do a change drive at all the middle schools in Oregon. While there she would lead a campaign to educate the students about the disease.

During the evening gown portion of the pageant, each princess was escorted by a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Station Chetco River. Escorts were Fireman Apprentice Michael Mueller, Seaman Jason Klause, Seaman Joseph Thibodeau, Seaman Thomas Sands and Seaman Apprentice Robert Morton.

Entertainment was provided by Brookings-Harbor High School concert choir, Dance Art Studios in Crescent City, Harding, Matt McVay and International Northern Tai Chi Tum Pai Gung-Fu Association.

The princesses were chosen by the Azalea Festival Scholarship Pageant board of directors last December from a pool of nine applicants. Each princess is expected to raise at least $750 to meet expenses. Money remaining after expenses are paid are divided equally among the princesses for educational expenses, pageant officials said.