Students who helped to move cement blocks in the high school parking lot couldnt have known that their assistance would launch a rewards program for good deeds at Brookings-Harbor High School.

Industrial engineering teacher Steve Kucharski and School Resource Officer Curt Fox were in the parking lot looking for a way to move cement parking blocks when three students offered to help.

The selfless offer of the students prompted Fox and Kucharski to reward students who perform unexpected good deeds or behave positively when they might not normally choose good behaviors.

The schools Site Council was approached to assist with the Catch them being good reward program. The council consists of parents, teachers, school support staff and administrators who work to make improvements to the school.

The council received a $2,000 grant this year and some of the money is being used for the program, Fox said.

We thought it would be nice to recognize the kids from a positive standpoint, Fox said.

Teachers and staff submit the names of students they feel are deserving and those students receive a free ticket to the Redwood Theater.

Tim Patterson, co-owner of the theater, was cooperative and helpful in supplying the tickets, Fox said.

The program has been in effect for less than a month, but approximately 20 students have been recognized.

The most recent recipients of the rewards were Iris Wraith, Toscah Braun, Olivia Geraghty and Jaime Lopez. They were nominated by teacher Kathleen Raley.