GOLD BEACH With 11 applicants for six open positions on the Coos-Curry-Douglas Regional Investment Board, the Curry County Commissioners found themselves forced to pass up some qualified applicants Monday.

Those included the city managers of Brookings and Port Orford.

The commissioners selected Commissioner Marlyn Schafer to represent the county on the board, Port Orford mayor Gary Doran to represent the cities, and Port of Brookings Harbor manager Russ Crabtree to represent the ports.

Mike Nielson, manager of the ports of Gold Beach and Port Orford, sent a letter supporting Crabtree, as did the commissioners of the Port of Brookings Harbor.

Gold Beach Mayor Karl Popoff endorsed Doran, while Doran said Brookings Mayor Bob Hagbom preferred Brookings City Manager Leroy Blodgett. Doran suggested the cities rotate terms for their representative.

With the first three positions equally balanced with one representative from each of the three cities, Commissioner Lucie La Bont suggested that balance be maintained with the two private and one at-large positions.

She nominated horse-breeder Dale Thomas from Gold Beach, who received unanimous approval for one private position.

For the second Brookings representative, Commissioner Rachelle Schaaf nominated Flora Pacifica owner Don Mitchell for the at-large position, citing his experience and education in agricultural development.

Schafer and La Bont agreed, though they regretted having to eliminate Blodgett, economic development consultant Nancy Shute and retiree Phillip Pfaendler as Brookings representatives.

They chose retiree Robert Walters of Sixes as the second North county representative. That eliminated Port Orford City Administrator Martha Weaver-Britell and retiree Emily Francona for the second private position.

Schaaf suggested all applicants be sent thank-you letters.