This years Friends of Music annual fashion show fundraiser once again drew a full house Saturday at Star of the Sea Church.

This years show was not only about fashion. It included ethnic diversity, history of fashions, costumes from Hollywood movie productions, a sheik in mufti and two adorable models wearing childrens fashions from India.

In addition to India and Hollywood, garments modeled included those from Afghanistan, Germany, France, England, El Salvadore, Buenos Aires, Mexico, South Arabia, South Korea, and the Orient.

The fashions came from the collection of Helga Bertram, owner of Filligree, plus items loaned by world-traveler Lorraine Williams.

Marilyn Busch provided the commentary with the line-up arranged by Bertram, who acted as dresser and starter for the models.

Appropriate musical selections played for each model by Betty Gailband Moscrip added to the festival atmosphere.

The show opener was a knock-out three-piece Givenchy evening suit from Paris worn by Dianna Cartwright, who also modeled a two-piece rayon suit with unusual collar treatment from the U.S.A.

A highlight of the show was Carol Leonard and her two young daughters, Emma and Hannah, in fashions from India.

As the delighted audience laughed and applauded, the two young models caught the joy and joined in the laughter.

Lois Dailey modeled a fully-lined silk top and jacket worn with matching slacks from Germany in her first appearance. Other garments modeled by Lois included a lovely suit from the U.S. and an all-American beaded denim outfit, for the lady who cant live without denim, as Busch told the audience.

The original knitted jacket worn by Debbie Reynolds in the movie, Tammy, was modeled by Katherine Keusink, who also wowed the audience in a Las Vegas showgirl outfit, including a show-stopping hat.

Dorothy Nixon showed off in a fully-lined suit with a beautifully beaded and embroidered silk top.

Terry Greene was the all-American girl in her first appearance dress and a touch of class in her second.

Garments modeled by Georgia Poole Alexander were all dramatic, including a flowered Hawaiian print, a lovely high-waisted bouffant dress from South Korea, and a flamboyant gaucho outfit from Buenos Aires.

Brenda Hobson, who was introduced as Anastasia, did, indeed, look like a Russian princess in a flowing chiffon dress, a black velvet and purple lam outfit, and an authentic costume from Afghanistan.

Slim, oriental sheath dresses in bright red and green looked perfect on Cynthia Chi.

Carol Crow added some sunshine and fun in two Mexican outfits as she swirled to the Margaritaville music.

Sheri Steinberg was the perfect model, with her petite figure and lovely tan, for two outfits from Afghanistan.

Starburst and glitz highlighted the outfits worn by Jamie Sanders.

A fitting outfit for Kay Greene, from the U.S., was playful and elegant.

Looking like a real Sheik of Arabia, Mark Gatson added to the mystique of the afternoon wearing two outfits worn by actor Christopher Lee in the movie, Caravan.

A fitting finale was Taya (no last name, please) wearing a beautiful white American wedding dress.

Bertram and her models received enthusiastic applause as they appeared together for the grand finale.

According to club president Sue Gold, the affair was a success.

I think we did a little better than usual, Gold said. We set up chairs for 175 and there werent many unoccupied, so Im sure we had more than 150 in attendance.

This is the big fund-raising event of the year for the group that brings the concert season to Brookings-Harbor.

Money paid for concert attendance doesnt begin to cover the costs, Gold said.

Which means funds raised at the luncheons, plus some generous donations from members and patrons, are essential.

We do it mainly for the community, Gold said.

She and her group, plus other volunteers from the community prepare all of the food for the traditional menu of salads, rolls, dessert and the famous butter mints, always eagerly anticipated.

Golds sister makes and ships the mints from Phoenix, Ariz., each year, and guests quickly purchase any leftover mints, as well as salads and desserts.

Its a big job, Gold said, as she and Joanne Bates filled bowls and platters for the hostesses who each set up, decorated and served a table.

Door prizes and a lottery for donated original works of art, an afghan, and a tapestry rounded out the afternoon, and club members are already planning for next year.