GOLD BEACH ? Plans to build a mobile-home park on Harbor land currently zoned for agricultural use moved forward Tuesday when the Curry County Commissioners approved annexation of the land into the Harbor Sanitary District.

The 23-acre parcel on the corner of Benham Lane and U.S. Highway 101 is owned by Itzen Enterprises.

It was one of the items in the proposed expansion of the Brookings Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) that was remanded back to the city by the Oregon Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC).

Jim Capp, of Western Land Use Services, spoke for Itzen Enterprises at the hearing. He explained that further information was gathered and submitted, and the LCDC accepted the amendments as correct.

County Planning Director Chuck Nordstrom said the appeal period for that decision expired Sunday. Partners David and Robin Itzen submitted a petition to the county on June 5 for annexation to the Harbor Sanitary District.

County Counsel Jerry Herbage said the county commissioners ruled on June 18 that the petition met Oregon legal requirements. They then set the date for the public hearing. Herbage said the 1999 Oregon legislature streamlined the process of annexing single properties into a special district.

That meant the Itzen annexation could be accomplished with a single hearing, which didn?t require notice in newspapers. No election was necessary.

The commissioners had to take the Curry County Comprehensive Plan into consideration when making their decision, said Herbage. He said a memo confirmed Nordstrom had reviewed the proposal and found it consistent with the plan.

The parcel is currently zoned for agricultural use only, but the owners have already applied for a zone change to commercial/residential, said Herbage.

?We?re winding down this portion of the UGB process,? said Capp. He said he?d been involved with the issue for 11 years.

Capp said when he first approached the Harbor Sanitary District board in 1993 about annexing the Itzen parcel, members said they would approve it if the land was included in the UGB expansion.

The board of the Harbor Sanitary District made good on that promise and approved the petition for annexation on Feb. 13.

Capp said the City of Brookings is also on record as being in favor of the Itzen annexation to the sanitary district.

He said the district has existing sewer mains on three sides of the Itzen property.

Curry County Commissioner Marlyn Schafer said, ?This is exactly why we have UGBs, for planned growth. I totally support it. This is the way you do things.?

Commissioner Lucie La Bont said the mobile homes would provide low-income housing. ?I think it?s a good project,? she said.

Commissioner Rachelle Schaaf said since there were no appeals to the remands, and the city and district supported the annexation, she would move to approve the petition. The commissioners approved it unanimously. Herbage said the commissioners had recently approved a fee for annexations, but since this petition predated that, no fee would be charged.

The next step is a public hearing on a petition to annex the parcel into the Harbor Water District.

Herbage said announcement of the public hearing for that petition, set for 10:10 a.m. Sept. 26 in the Commissioners? Hearing Room, will have to be published. He said Itzen Enterprises may have to pay for that.

David Itzen thanked the commissioners for their approval. ?It?s been a 12-year odyssey for us,? he said.

Nordstrom said the zone-change hearing will require a 45-day notice to the LCDC, so it won?t take place until October or November at the earliest.

After that, he said, the Itzens will have to apply for and receive all applicable development and building permits before they can actually hook up to the sanitary and water districts, and begin construction.