A two-year-old plan to build a resort hotel and events center at the Port of Brookings Harbor dissolved today (Aug. 1) after a developer?s option on the property expired.

Port officials are now looking to the future for potential development of the site.

The last option extension for developers Ray Claveran Sr. and Everett Foster lapsed at 12:01 a.m. today, said Port Manager Russ Crabtree.

?The option is null and void,? he said. ?The intention of the board is not to renew.?

On Monday, Crabtree said the port had not had any contact with the developers in a significant amount of time, and that none of the port?s requirements for exercising the option, including a lease, security deposit or surety bond, had yet been met.

He felt there was no way those prerequisites could be met before the deadline

The property proposed for the hotel site is located behind Beachfront RV Park, where the recent Southern Oregon Kite Festival was held.

Claveran and Foster had proposed to build a hotel, time shares and an all-events center at the location.

In May, the port commissioners granted the developers one final option through today to put together a financial package and proposal for the project.

Commissioner Ken Byrtus said at the May 21 commission meeting that this would be the last opportunity to put the package together, a process that began on June 1, 1999.

?Originally, it was a year,? he said. ?Now it?s been two years.

?It?s been one extension, then another, then another. We need to know. . . .

?The bottom line is we need to get moving. The time is come.?

That time, according to Crabtree, was today.

In a letter of notification to Claveran, Crabtree told the developers no more extensions would be granted.

The notice, dated July 30, states: ?Let this letter serve as notice that, after careful consideration, the Port of Brookings Harbor will not approve any further requests to renew the Promise Not to Convey on the port properties.?

Claveran, who was contacted at his Woodbridge, Calif., home Tuesday morning, said he was still moving forward.

?Call me in a day or so,? he said. ?I?ll have a commitment from someone (on financing).?

In late May, Foster, a Portland-based developer, told port officials that everything was coming together.

?We are four to five weeks away from signing an agreement (with the port),? he said on May 23. ?I believe we will be under permit (to construct) by September or October of this year.?

The Pilot was unable to contact Foster Tuesday.

Crabtree said the port?s decision is final. There will be no immediate action by the port to develop the property, Crabtree said.

?We have too much on the port plate with the marine fueling emergency and other construction projects,? he said. ?We will be looking very diligently in the future at developing the land for both the port?s and community?s benefit.?