Eight Curry County students are being provided the opportunity to explore the joys of the violin this summer in a program sponsored by the Friends of Music.

Jonathan Liem, a talented young violinist and advanced student of Gene Andr, is coming from Gold Beach on Monday and Wednesday afternoons to introduce the young students to his instrument.

Friends of Music, the group that brings concerts to the community and provides exciting musical entertainment during the year for all ages, is providing the instruments, the place and the instructor.

Donna Seeman, the club member working with the musicians, explained that the group purchased six violins, and made arrangements for the young instructor, who is paid by the club, but not nearly enough.

Two of the students own violins. The others are being offered the opportunity to discover their true talent and interest without making that investment.

The aspiring young musicians and their families were only required to purchase the Suzuki music books and tapes and donate $3 per lesson to help pay for the use of the practice room at the Calvary Church of God in Brookings.

The young instructor shows infinite patience and interest in the students, as well as love for his instrument, as he works with this group of beginners.

As they begin, he bows to each student in turn and the student returns the bow.

He then tunes each instrument and checks the position as the student prepares to play.

He shows great respect for the violin and demonstrates the proper position for holding the instrument.

On a recent Monday afternoon the bridge of a students violin needed adjusting, and as Liem moved the bridge and tuned the instrument, he carefully explained what he was doing and why.

Point your shoulder and move your elbow under the bridge, he instructed as the young violinists began to play.

A parent, grandparent, or in the case of one youngster, great grandparent, brings each student to the lesson.

Seeman said the club is working with principal Chris McKay in the hope that the violin lessons may continue as an after school program at Kalmiopsis School.

I dont know anyone in the area who offers beginning violin, Seeman said.

Members of Friends of Music have done much to encourage enjoyment of music in the programs they have brought to the community over the years, including the Oregon Symphony last year, organization publicists said.

Liem, who has been a student with Andr for six years, appears to enjoy sharing his love of the violin with the young people.

This is my first time teaching, he said. I enjoy seeing how they are working.

He encourages them to practice at home and to listen to the tapes.

Although the high school junior, who is home-schooled, said he does not currently plan a career as a professional musician, he does plan to continue with his music lessons and performances.

He says musical training carries through everything in your life providing, among other things, discipline.