Residents of Brookings-Harbor joined the rest of the country in a time of prayer and remembrance at noon Friday, commemorating the National Day of Prayer called by President George Bush.

A group of 350-plus people gathered around the flag pole at Brookings City Hall, joining hands to pray and sing, led by nine local members of the clergy.

Shortly before the program began, law enforcement, search and rescue, ambulance and fire department vehicles arrived in a long caravan that began at the Port of Brookings Harbor and crossed the Chetco River bridge.

During the ceremony, the emergency service providers received enthusiastic applause from the crowd.

That crowd included people of all ages, from infants in the arms of their parents to senior citizens. There were people from many denominations and no denomination.

They raised their voices together praising God and asking Him to guide the President and our country in this time of disaster.

The ceremony began with two minutes of silent prayer followed by scripture reading interspersed with four minutes of small group prayer.

Participating pastors included Michael Birks of Emmanuel Baptist Church, Jerry Brickley of Anchor Chapel, Bob Friend and Lance Knauss of Brookings Christian Church, Richard Hadley of Lighthouse Assembly of God, Jim Lamb of First Baptist Community Church, Gordon Myrah of Trinity Lutheran, Warren Muller of Brookings Presbyterian, and Johnie Watterson of Assembly of God Calvary.

Bob Dose, representing the Brookings Church of the Nazarene, also read scripture, and another lay person, Larry Wright, gave a testimony following the prayer service.

Scripture read came from both Old and New Testaments, the greatest number from the Psalms.

The group sang songs such as My Country Tis of Thee, America The Beautiful and The Battle Hymn of The Republic.