GOLD BEACH The Curry County District Attorneys office was busy this week pursuing various criminal cases including a woman who wrote bad checks and two men facing charges of sexual abuse.

California resident Deanne Michelle Stinson, 42, received two consecutive sentences of 20 days in jail and two years probation after being found guilty this week of forgery and passing forged documents, said District Attorney Charlie Steak.

Stinson had deposited a stolen $5,000 check at Klamath First Federal in Gold Beach and wrote checks against the fraudulent account, Steak said.

She was also ordered to make restitution to McKays Market and Corner Drug Store where she passed checks drawn on the Klamath account.

She is to make payments of $25 per month until the $347.48 in restitution and $105 in unitary assessments for each charge is repaid.

Lee Richard Carkhuff, 22, of Gold Beach, appeared in Curry County Circuit Court Sept. 11, and was charged with felony second-degree sex abuse, third-degree sex abuse, fourth-degree assault and harassment.

The charges all stem from alleged acts committed against a teenage girl, Steak said.

Carkhuff, who requested a court-appointed attorney, received a conditional release and is scheduled to appear in court Sept. 27.

Jose Fedencio Vasquez, 50, of Brookings, pleaded not guilty Sept. 10 to charges of third-degree sex abuse. He was represented by Coos Bay attorney Jeremiah Scannell.

Charges against Vasquez, who is associated with The Marketplace in Brookings, stemmed from alleged contact with a 15-year-old female.

He is scheduled for trial Nov. 6.