Prizes-a-Plenty could have been the theme for Sunday's Community Family Picnic and Safety Fair.

Gift certificates, savings bonds and free dinners were given away to lucky drawing winners and the talented few who emerged victorious from the bevy of good-natured contests throughout the day.

The Harbor Fire Department out-muscled the Brookings Police Department in a tug-of-war, water balloon-tossers were drenched, and Glyndyn Davis, Hannah Cole and Allyssa Wallace gyrated their way to a $50 savings bond certificate each in the hoola hoop competition.

I cant even move in this thing! said Justine Dodgen, donning a massive yellow fire suit, complete with jacket and rubber boots.

The protective clothing was brought to the park by the fire department for the youths to wear in a race and the children found out quickly that heavy-duty fire suits are not easy to run in.

Robby the police dog wowed the crowd with a demonstration of his crime-fighting prowess. Officer John McKinney played the criminal wearing an arm pad to show onlookers how Robby could react if a suspect tried to run away from police.

At a single command from Officer Donny Dotson, Robby shot across the grass, a reddish-brown blur of fur and teeth, and hit McKinneys arm pad like a bullet. Robby could even be halted in mid-charge by Dotson, if the police wanted to abort the attack.

Robby is a Belgian shepherd imported from Holland.

If our commands (to Robby) sound strange, said Officer McKinney, its because theyre not in English. Robby was trained in Dutch.