Dozens of furry critters came out of the woodwork for the Feline Frolic sponsored by the South Coast Humane Society last Saturday. Grange Hall bustled with cat owners cuddling and pampering their manxs, siamese, and himalayans, who competed against each other for such distinguished titles as prettiest long hair and fluffiest tail.

Amber Dooleys Ragmeisters Sir Orange Flame, a white, flame-point ragdoll walked away with four blue ribbons in the biggest cat, prettiest long hair longest whiskers and longest tail cat-a-gories.

Motchka the himalayan won the prettiest short hair title, Cleopatra and Stubby tied for shortest tail, and Micro the Tabby grabbed the blue ribbon for being the most unique. Micro earned the title with his strange half-sized tail with a kink in the tip.

Sabrina, a Siamese Himalayan, won the competition for smallest cat and Felix the Tabby had the fluffiest tale.

Jim Newman was master of ceremonies. The event raised $190 for the the Humane Society.