Saltwater angling: Brookings angler Monty Moncrief got the shock of the season while trolling a large herring and a spinner blade for kings he caught a 65-pound thresher shark.

Moncrief said it was a great fight and suggested we have a shark derby.

Several days this week the wind picked up in the afternoon, pushing anglers back inside or ending their day.

Salmon were spotty with lots of fish being marked inside the buoys and to the south of the Port of Brookings Harbor.

Some bottom-fishing anglers said they marked big schools of salmon just over the three-mile line. More kings weighing more than 40 pounds were taken on trolled herring and sardines. Hoochies also worked well behind a flasher between 25 and 40 feet.

Rock Fish and Ling Cod Fishing: Rating: good. Both ling and kings were spotty this week but rock fish were on the bite when the sea conditions were right.

Lead fish seemed to hold the key to big blacks and blues in 60 feet of water while black and grey scampi tails rigged weedless for the third week in a row hammered the fish in and among the kelp beds in less than 30 feet of water.

Tossing spoons also connected six anglers into limits in and around the wash rocks of the Lone Ranch beach area.

Lower Rogue River: Rating: good. Limits are being taken every day. Big coho and chinook are slamming green on green spinner baits. Spinners with metallic blue blades and silver and gold beads are working well throughout the river.

During the past week, anglers can do no wrong. Big fish were taken once again this week with several kings in the upper 40- pound class and silvers in the upper teens.

Middle Rogue River: Rating: fair to good. Closed to angling for chinook salmon above Hog Creek boat ramp. Restricted to artificial flies and lures Sept. 1 to Oct. 31 from Foster Creek upstream to Whiskey Creek.

Upper Rogue River: Artificial fly restrictions are in effect Sept. 1 through Oct. 31 from Gold Ray Dam impoundment upstream to deadline at Cole Rivers Hatchery.

Closed to angling for chinook salmon above Gold Ray Dam. Angling for summer steelhead is fair to good.

Chetco River: Rating: poor.

Winchester Bay: Coho and Chinook season remains open in the bay and lower river. Chinook and adipose fin-clipped coho fishing has been excellent. Daily catch limit is now four adipose fin-clipped coho adults plus five fin-clipped jacks. Check ocean regulations for special gear restrictions.

Letter of the week: From Tom Moorer.

I am new to Brookings and enjoy your column. I usually flyfish, including a little in Alaska, and catch and release. Are there guides who flyfish this area or outfitters who do upper Rogue flyfishing trips (other than winter steelhead)? Also, why is there no interest in silver salmon catch and release flyfishing. Silver salmon on a fly rod is a real blast and a rare opportunity for fishermen in most parts of the country, which is why they pay real money to go all the way to Alaska.

Hi Tom. There are two guides in Brookings who lead fly fishing adventures on the upper Rogue: Gary and Val Early at (541) 469-0515, and Marc Fenton at 469-3945.

As for the lack of interest in silver salmon flyfishing, I believe its because most of the Rogues upper section is difficult to access. With all of the cohos (silvers) in the Rogue system at this time, I bet it will catch on. If you book with a guide please send me some photos.

Thanks for all the e-mails and letters. Keep them coming and remember: When no one is catching fish theres a fine line between fishing and just plain standing on the shore like an idiot.

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