GOLD BEACH Animal Control Supervisor Trig Garayalde has been scheduled for knee surgery, but County Commissioner Rachelle Schaaf said a second officer will soon be hired to take up the slack.

When Garayalde is ready to return to work, said Schaaf, Animal Control will operate with two full-time officers. The crew from the county Work Center will help out with the kennels.

She told her fellow commissioners Wednesday that she hoped to raise $11,500 more a year to cover the difference between hiring a shelter attendant and hiring a new officer.

She said if dog license sales continue at their current level, they will generate $5,400 more than anticipated this year.

She said a delinquent license fee could add even more to that.

Revenues from adoption fees, care and feeding fees, and impound and return fees are also ahead of projections.

Schaaf said Animal Control will be fining people for violations, so revenue could increase when the second officer enables the department to patrol Brookings more thoroughly.

Schaaf has been the countys unofficial dog catcher since Garayalde was injured. She said she has been able to keep the department running with the help of shelter attendant Sandra Gilkey, county Work Center inmates, and several people like Veterans Services Officer Mike McGuiness who have helped her handle dogs.

She said the South Coast Humane Society has been very helpful in rescuing dogs.

She also reminded people, Please license your dogs and dont let them run at large. She said that is more important now than ever.