Azalea Middle School students donated $320 out of their pockets to send to the children in war-torn Afghanistan.

The students answered the call of President Bush, who recently asked the nations children to donate $1 to the Afghan children.

The seventh-graders in the home room of science teacher Diane Cavaness decided to organize a fund drive for the entire school.

We were going to start a project to serve the community, then Ms. Cavaness told us that President Bush had asked children of the U.S. to help out the kids in Afghanistan, so we decided to do that, said student Christian Wolfe.

To get the word out, we put posters up all over school and made announcements over the intercom, she said. We also visited every classroom in the school and talked to the students.

Ricki Edzardus was one of the student announcers whose voice rang out over Azaleas intercom system for five days to encourage students to donate.

I was nervous at first, said Edzardus. But I just said Im a student and were sponsoring a fund drive. The three classes that collect the most money will get to have an ice cream party in their classroom. The next three classes with the most donations will get a set of suckers for their classroom.

It was really fun, said Kylie Bradford. Especially since we didnt have to do homework while we were working on a project.

Alexis Purvee said, I hope this helps the Afghan children.

Its not their fault they have such a terrible life, Edzardus added. Their parents taught them to hate us because they see our movies and theyre jealous of the U.S. They think were all rich.

Mason McKinnie pulled $40 out of his personal savings. Ive been saving my birthday money since I was 4 years old, he said.

I decided that I feel sorry for those kids. We have all these luxuries, and they have nothing. They have dirty water, only boys can go to school, and the women get shot.