Buddy Truman, who moved to town with his family, Lynn and Dave Truman, came to Brookings-Harbor to retire.

After 12 years of being a fashion model and entertainer in fundraising activities for charities, he was tired and ready to give up the fastlane for his well-earned rest.

However, after Lynn told Buddy about the financial needs of the South Coast Humane Society in its efforts to provide a haven for orphaned dogs and cats, he agreed to come out of retirement.

He is selling his cookbooks and dog bone cookie cutters to raise money for the animal shelter.

Over the years, Buddys career was enhanced by the original outfits Lynn, a former dress shop owner, designed for him.

He has appeared in shows dressed for many different roles, including The Red Baron, a clown, an elf, Santa Claus, a bagpiper, a soldier and as Harley Dogison in a black leather motorcycle jacket.

Truman found Buddy, a miniature schnauzer, in a pet store in 1989, and he has been her best friend ever since.

She said he is a quick study and learned, with only one or two lessons, to jump through hoops, dance and give high fives.

His cookbook, which includes more than 19 veterinarian-approved dog-biscuit recipes, has been used to raise funds for animal shelters and humane societies as far away as San Felippe, Mexico and Egypt, where Lynns sister, Donna Nakhle, sells them to support Animal Friends, a group that helps abandoned animals in Cairo.

The book, Treats for My Little Buddy, and the tin of dog-biscuit cookie cutters are available at Elaine Righettis Sporthaven Restaurant Gift Shop.

The cookbook sells for $15 and the cookie cutters for $6.50. Half of the sale price will go directly to the South Coast Humane Society to help both dogs and cats.

Buddy loves cats, Lynn said.