The coastlines of Curry and Del Norte counties offer more to photograph than the rocks protruding from the surfline.

Many times the photo is on the rock itself, on the sandy beach, or along walkways and docks in several estuaries in the area.

Birds, too many varieties to mention, flock along the beaches finding food in various places. Whether they dive and grab a fish like pelicans and herons, pick up the bugs in the sand or have a knack for begging for a French fry, they all provide a spectacular scene.

Birds are abundant around lakes Earl and Tolowa in Del Norte County. The lakes, joined by a channel, are considered the largest coastal lagoon on the West Coast.

A jaunt to the ports of Gold Beach, Brookings and Crescent City provides views of not only birds, but seals, sea lions and, with a little luck, an otter.

For best viewing of sea life, a pair of binoculars are handy. A camera with a telephoto lens makes it easier to get close without spooking the animal.

For best photographs, fill the viewfinder with the image and take several photos.