After saving money for many years, the Brookings Fire Department will get a new fire engine this year.

The Brookings City Councils unanimous decision Monday to purchase the $262,795 pumper engine was greeted by applause and whoops of joy from firefighters attending the meeting.

This is the best truck and the best deal we could ever hope to get, Fire Chief Bill Sharp told the city council.

The city received three bids for the truck, with the highest coming in at $276,493, Sharp said.

The city council unanimously voted to purchase a new pumper/engine from Oregon Apparatus Sales of Eugene.

The truck is scheduled to arrive in May or June, Sharp said.

When he was hired as chief 10 years ago he set a goal to one day buy a new fire truck for his department.

City Manager Leroy Blodgett said the city has been setting aside approximately $30,000 a year for the last eight years in a reserve fund to purchase the fire truck. There is currently about $240,000 in the reserve fund, he said.

The city will spend $170,000 as a down payment and then pay approximately $20,000 a year for four years to buy the truck, Blodgett said.

The city will continue to set aside $30,000 a year in the reserve fund, of which $20,000 will be used for the yearly payments, he said. The remaining $10,000 will remain in the reserve fund.

The new truck, a 2002 Emergency One Typhoon custom pumper, is 31.5-feet long and is powered by a 370 horse-powered Cummins diesel engine.

It can hold 1,000 gallons of water, 250 gallons more than the fire departments existing engine, Sharp said.

The new truck can pump 1,500 gallons a minute, 250 gallons more per minute than the old truck.

The new trucks enclosed cab has room for eight firefighters compared to the old trucks open cab which can hold four people.

While the old truck carries 1,000 feet of 3-inch hose, the new truck has 1,500 feet of 5-inch hose.

This truck meets all the current standards for firefighters, Sharp said. It will allow firefighters to battle fires much more effectively.

Sharp had an engineer study of the Brookings-Harbor area done to determine what type of truck was needed.

There are all kinds of engines out there and this one is more than adequate, he said. It will meet our needs, especially on steep roads such as Marina Heights.

The new truck, he said, will be used for 15 to 20 years.