All four schools in the Brookings-Harbor School District will be keeping a tight lid on expenditures for the remainder of the school year.

The administration recently discovered that the district will receive less money than budgeted for this year and will likely face a budget deficit next school year if it does not take immediate measures to curtail spending.

Several factors played a part in the $764,000 difference between budgeted and actual revenues for the 2001-2002 school year. The administration received news from the state that it would be hit with a $242,000 reduction in revenue in the upcoming year.

A reduction in interest income and medicaid reimbursements are also culprits in the budget crunch, said District Superintendent Paul Prevenas.

School principals met with the district administration Tuesday morning to discuss a plan to reduce expenditures without an immediate reduction in staff.

Each school will attempt to cut spending by $100,000 this spring, and $450,000 will be cut at the district level.

Were not even sure what the budget will be next year, Prevenas said. We may not be able to afford some of the programs we had this year, but we hope to close that gap.

Kalmiopsis Principal Chris McKay said, Each school will be operating on less money than anticipated. Well only be (spending money) on essential educational things.

Nobodys losing their jobs, but were making cuts in smaller ways, she said.

Were not buying computers or stocking up on supplies. Well still have field trips if they fit into the curriculum, but not if its just going to the park for a picnic.

Brookings-Harbor High School Principal Floyd Strandberg said, Were cutting out unnecessary expenditures by reducing field trips, athletic field trips and eliminating summer school.

We will also be cutting out student testing that is not mandated by the state, he said.

Well be cutting back on textbooks by purchasing only what we need instead of extras. Were trying to do only those things we have to do and just do our best to get through this year.

The Pilot was unable to contact Azalea Middle School Principal Mike Dillenberg for comment.