GOLD BEACH Action against two alleged public nuisance dump sites one in Brookings, and the other in Harbor was taken by the Curry County commissioners in a special meeting Wednesday morning.

They instructed County Counsel Jerry Herbage to set a show-cause hearing for 1:30 p.m. April 2 on an alleged public nuisance at 16012 Carson Lane in Harbor.

The letter from the commissioners to owner Samuel Jeffries said, We have reasonable cause that on this site you are maintaining a dump site of solid waste which includes junked vehicles, trailers, scrap and miscellaneous other materials, all of which are a health and safety hazard to the public, and/or which create a condition of unsightliness.

Commissioner Marlyn Schafer said the Curry County Public Services Department had previously investigated the site for land use code violations.

She said since the site was not deemed a junk yard, nothing was done at that time. She said neighbors then asked the Board of Property Tax Appeals to lower their assessed values by half because of the nuisance.

She said the commissioners promised to do something about the problem. If they find the site violates the countys solid waste nuisance ordinance, the county could sue to eliminate the nuisance.

The commissioners also asked Herbage to send a letter to Jerry Brey concerning an alleged nuisance dump site at 16943 Salmonberry Road in Brookings.

The letter said, The alleged nuisance consists of a dump site which includes a burn site, junked vehicles, a junked trailer, and miscellaneous other junk.

These materials could create a health and safety hazard to the public, and could certainly cause a condition of unsightliness.

Herbage said the person listed as owning the property, Barbara Brey, is now deceased.

The letter asked Jerry Brey to contact Herbage by March 25 to discuss a resolution. Herbage said the intent of the letter was simply to follow-up on the matter.