The Eiffel Tower has come to Brookings in Ron Bodemans backyard.

Bodeman created an 11-foot Eiffel Tower out of driftwood for the upcoming Beachcombers Festival.

It was fun. It took more planning than actual work, Bodeman said.

It started with a sketch and figuring out the angles. Bodeman found pictures on the Internet of the tower as it was originally being constructed and he used those to keep his tower as true to the original as possible.

Using driftwood collected from Winchuck Beach, the tower was constructed in three sections using steel pins and rebar to keep the wood together. He tried to collect wood that was of the same thickness as the original pieces of the tower, he said.

The tower took approximately 40 hours to construct.

In keeping true to the original, Bodeman used a bait holder he found on the beach to represent the beacon that is found atop the real tower.

Bodeman is no stranger to making driftwood projects. For two previous Beachcombers festivals, he constructed a human skeleton out of driftwood and a 12-foot Tyranasauraus Rex. Both won several prizes at the festivals, he said.

Bodeman is dedicating the Eiffel Tower piece to Lynda McDonald who recently passed away. McDonald, the high school French and Spanish teacher, was a frequent visitor to France.

The tower can be seen at the Beachcombers Festival Saturday, March 23, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Azalea Middle School.