Third time's the charm, but so was the first and second time for Matt McVay.

The Brookings-Harbor High School senior was once again crowned Mr. BHHS Wednesday night. McVay also won in 1999 and 2001.

McVay competed against six other contestants in categories ranging from athletic attire to talent.

The pageant was a fundraiser for Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland. The total amount made was not available.

The luau-themed pageant was staged in the high school auditorium and began with the contestants taking the stage in hula skirts and performing a dance.

Problems with the sound system held up the dance, but contestants McVay and Andrew Rosenberg entertained the audience with some unique movements across the stage.

The technical difficulties were fixed and the show went on with contestants showing their athletic attire. McVay was first up with a fencing costume. Alex Rosenberg twirled onto the stage with his ballerina costume and Andrew hit the ground running in his sweatsuit.

The contestants next had to show their stuff in summer wear. Travis Alcorn andquot;surfedandquot; onto the stage with his beach attire. McVay made an appearance as a sunburned beach bum. He walked to the judge's table where judge Brian Hodge was nice enough to apply some sunscreen to the andquot;burnedandquot; McVay.

Josh Michlitsch showed the true meaning of summer for teenagers with his pajamas.

andquot;(He) likes to show his complete lack of motivation (during the summer),andquot; said emcee Ashley Thom.

While the contestants readied themselves for the school attire category, senior Beth Edwards took the stage to entertain the audience with andquot;Big Spender,andquot; accompanied on piano by teacher Jerry Moffit.

McVay opened the school attire category by entering the stage in a andquot;nerdyandquot; outfit and crutches.

Alex showed his love of sports with a weight room outfit and his brother, Andrew, appeared as his favorite movie character, John Wayne.

The evening wear category followed and saw some famous characters emerge. McVay brought James Bond to the stage while Josh awakened the vampire within and Andrew became Superman.

The talent portion is perhaps the most remembered part of the evening.

McVay opened it dressed as Elton John singing andquot;Crocodile Rock,andquot; which brought a lot of reaction from the audience.

But it was the other Matt who really got a rise out of the crowd. Matt Gottheiner danced and sang some portions of andquot;I Can't Dance,andquot; by Genesis. He threw his hat into the audience and as he was exiting the stage, he mooned the audience and the judges. Some of the judges laughed and the audience clapped.

Other andquot;talentsandquot; included Travis lamenting the plight of short people by singing andquot;Short People,andquot; followed by Alex singing a song he wrote about BHHS.

During the talent portion, technical difficulties once again slowed the show down, but the audience entertained themselves with an impromptu game of beach volleyball.

The show continued with Andrew singing Tom Jones' andquot;What's New Pussycat,andquot; to Spicy, his feline. Spicy did not appear happy to participate.

The last category had each contestant drawing a task from a bowl. Contestant Chris Wood had to act out his most embarrassing moment. He discussed his birth where the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck and what a traumatic experience being born was for him.

Josh had to audition for an Herbal Essences commercial. His andquot;enjoymentandquot; of the shampoo was enjoyed by the audience.

Judge Ken Caylor participated in Alex's task. Alex had to make up a song about Caylor. andquot;He's not afraid to wear pink and he doesn't stinkandquot; were some of the lyrics included.

McVay had to strut his stuff to music by N' Sync. When the music started, it was the Backstreet Boys. McVay made an effort, but finally stopped and said he couldn't dance to that music. N'Sync was played and McVay continued.

While judges Caylor, Suzette Draheim, Hodge, Peter Lowther and Marge Woodfin tallied the scores, a raffle was held with gift certificates from several local stores as the prizes.

With their scores tallied, the judges announced third runner-up Travis, second runner-up Alex and Mr. BHHS, McVay.

As Mr. BHHS, McVay received a Burger King crown, a $5 gift certificate to Home Port, $10 gift certificate to Rock 'n Bowl, and a $5 certificate to Espresso 101.

The runners-up also received certificates in various amounts.

With the Mr. BHHS crown, McVay adds another title to an already impressive resum. Among many other things, he is a track star, leading player in drama productions and outstanding student.