The Brookings-Harbor High School Bruins and Gold Beach Panthers ran neck in neck in fun competition Thursday night on Bruin turf, but it was the Panthers who came out ahead.

The competition, known as Superstars, was a friendly match between seniors of both schools to raise funds for each school's Safe and Sober Graduation Party. Brookings-Harbor will have its all-night party June 1.

It was the final tug-o-war competition that brought the Gold Beach team to victory. The Panthers cheered when they received the plaque, carrying a team member while he raised the plaque to the crowd.

Points were awarded by judges based on sportsmanship and spirit. There was no question the gym was filled with spirit as tremors could be felt on the court floor from students stomping their feet on the risers. Noise levels from cheers were deafening.

Twelve of 13 events were held to challenge seniors.

The first event was the decoration contest. Students from each school decorated their end of the gym a half-hour before doors opened. Following the singing of the national anthem by Bruin Beth Edwards, students sang their school song.

Students then went onto the floor for the Hula Hoop competition. Teammates had to climb through a hoop while holding hands in a circle.

Next up was the Hubba Bubba relay. Two participants from each school had to use their mouth to find a piece of bubble gum in a pan full of flour. The object was to blow a bubble before the next two players proceeded to follow suit.

During the Pony Express relay, one foreign exchange student was baffled at how to gallop with a stick horse. Apparently galloping is not a part of his culture. However, like his teammates, he was able to quickly put on his cowpoke outfit consisting of a pair of boots, gloves, shirt, vest, coat, hat, belt and saddle, and gallop with a stick horse around the course.

No one asked to be excused after belching in public during the next competition. Competitors had to drink at least half a 24-ounce bottle of Pepsi then try for the loudest and longest belch possible. It was a close call for all but one Panther girl who could not bring up the gas.

A simpler relay followed when team members had to use plungers to propel themselves on scooter boards.

It wasn't exactly dessert time when cans of tapioca pudding were brought out. One person had to lie on the floor with an empty can on his or her chest while a second blindfolded person had to fill the can with tapioca.

A unique golf game was played using a potato inside a pair of pantyhose tied around the competitor's waist. The object was to putt a golf ball into a can using the dangling potato and no hands. One Panther competitor discovered it was easier to place the dangling pantyhose between her knees to get more control.

The Spud Putt Relay was the only game that had to have a tie breaker. The tie was never broken.

Then it was almost dessert time again, however, no one could swallow the morsel, if it could be called that.

A napkin had to be completely swallowed, but not eaten, using no hands before the next competitor joined in.

Everyone from both schools came onto the floor for the tug-o-war competition. However, when people were lined up from wall to wall, referees decided there were too many people. It was quickly decided to allow 20 students on each side.

When the rope began to be pulled, Gold Beach took the lead and the Bruins never recovered.