BY SHELLEY NASH, Pilot Staff Writer

Country, jazz, pop and Disney songs all made an appearance at the Sea Breeze Revue Wednesday and Thursday night at the Performing Arts Center in Harbor.

Sea Breeze, Brookings-Harbor High School's elite choir, closes out each school year with the Revue. The two-night performances are the only concerts the group charges for because it is one of its main fundraisers.

The total amount raised was not available.

Thursday evening began with the entire choir singing andquot;Chili Con Carne.andquot;

Junior April Kinney started the solo performances with a rendition of Shania Twain's andquot;Any Man of Mine.andquot; She got the audience involved stomping and clapping throughout the song.

Matt McVay followed April with the more mellow tune of andquot;Your Song,andquot; by James Taylor.

An instrumental performance of andquot;Satin Doll,andquot; was played on trumpet by Andrew Meyer.

Next came Stewart Riddle with a performance of Brian Adam's andquot;Everything I Do, I Do It for You.andquot;

A song for women wronged in love was performed by Beth Edwards. andquot;Hit the Road Jack,andquot; was accompanied by Olivia Geraghty on saxophone.

The men got their chance to sing about the women who wronged them in love with Alex Rosenberg's performance of andquot;Mexico,andquot; accompanied by Evan Dunn on guitar.

Love lost is no reason to protect the heart according to andquot;No More Protecting My Heart,andquot; performed by Jennifer Legat.

Olivia made a second appearance on saxophone accompanying Doris Marks' version of Patsy Cline's andquot;Crazy.andquot;

Other highlights of the evening included a performance by Jessi Fairchild of andquot;Part of Your World,andquot; a song from the animated Disney movie andquot;The Little Mermaid.andquot;

The song was accompanied by bubbles falling from the ceiling to simulate a sea environment.

Later, the concert turned back time with the entire choir singing Frank Sinatra melodies. One song led into another beginning with andquot;My Kind of Town,andquot; then andquot;High Hopes,andquot; followed by andquot;Nice 'n Easy,andquot; and ending with andquot;My Way.andquot;

A notable performance was given by Stewart Riddle. He sang andquot;Love,andquot; but before he could get started some technical difficulties left him with time to fill. Conductor, teacher and accompanist Jerry Moffit told him to andquot;tell a joke.andquot;

Stewart came up with a knock knock joke, which brought some applause from the audience.

April followed Stewart with the country tune andquot;Cross My Heart.andquot; She ended the song by saying andquot;I love you family,andquot; to her mother and grandparents who were in the audience.

Alex dedicated his song to his girlfriend, Julianne. He serenaded her with andquot;Growing Old.andquot;

The audience seemed to really like the next act. Doris sang andquot;Can't Get Next to You,andquot; with Matt and Stewart singing backup. The boys nearly stole the show with their dance moves.

Beth and April also seemed to impress the audience with their bilingual performance of andquot;Prayer.andquot; Both sang several sections of the song in Spanish and English.

The next performance brought the loudest reaction from the audience. Dressed as Elton John, Matt took the stage singing andquot;Crocodile Rock.andquot;

The entire choir took the stage for the ending songs of andquot;Americaandquot; and andquot;Fly Me to the Moon.andquot;

The final performance brought some choir alumni on the stage. Previous members were invited to join the current choir in bidding andquot;Happy Trailsandquot; to the audience.