By Bill Schlichting

Pilot Staff Writer

Participants of Curry County's 4-H program raised $13,494 during Saturday's junior livestock auction at the Curry County Fair and Rodeo.

Top price per pound went to Michelle Hampton of Gold Beach. Her 105-pound lamb sold for $4.50, amounting to $472.50.

Raising the most money for one animal was a 1,280 pound beef that sold for $2.75 per pound to Slape Construction. The beef brought in $3,520. The grand-champion animal was raised by Jody Lang of Langlois.

There were three beefs sold at the auction. The other two went for $1.50 and $1.30 per pound.

In addition to beef, 4-H participants also had hogs and lamb to be auctioned by Hank Potter.

In previous years there also has been rabbits, chickens and other animals.

This year's auction was in the animal arena rather than in the pavilion. Fair officials moved the auction into the adjoining arena because of the deteriorating condition of the facility.

Although the number of animals was down from last year, the number of bidders was relatively unchanged. The prices were nearly the same.

Last year garnered more than $27,000, more than double collected this year. The average price for beef was at its lowest since 1999. This year's champion beef also sold for $1.25 per pound less than last year's.

Hog and lamb prices were nearly the same as last year. Hogs were up a penny to $2.64 a pound. Lambs were down 3 cents to $3.30.

The grand champion hog was raised by Jennifer Legat of Brookings. The 247-pound animal sold for $3.50 per pound to Del-Cur and Umpqua Bank.

Johnny Waller raised a champion lamb that sold for $3.75 a pound to Fitzgerald Ranch. The 138-pound lamb sold for $517.50.

Reserve champion animals were raised by Andy Davee and Josh Davee of Gold Beach and Shawn Novotny of Sixes.

Andy Davee raised a lamb that sold for $3.25 per pound. Josh Davee raised a 280-pound hog that brought in $840. The lamb was sold to Janice Grover. The hog was purchased by Town and Country Animal Clinic.

Novotny's beef, featured in Wednesday's Pilot, was sold for $1,770 to Grant's Pancake House in Gold Beach.

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