Four first-grade classes gathered in the Kalmiopsis Elementary School cafeteria Tuesday for the annual first-grade feast.

Some donned paper pilgrim hats while others wore brown paper vests and headbands decorated with symbols from American Indian folklore.

First-grade teacher Dan Rotterman shared a Mayflower voyage timeline with the children.

andquot;The voyage of the Mayflower begins almost at the same time (of year) they begin first grade,andquot; Rotterman said.andquot;The size of the Mayflower is about the same size as one of our recess shelters,andquot; he said.

Sharing details of the journey with students gives them a sense of how arduous it was, he said.

andquot;They really get the idea that the pilgrims endured a lot of hardship to come to this country,andquot; Rotterman said.

First-grade teacher Carol Blagden said the first-grade feast started before she began teaching at Kalmiopsis 17 years ago.

andquot;The kids love it,andquot; Blagden said. andquot;It's our time to talk about the pilgrims and bring it all together.andquot;

After Rotterman's lesson, students chowed down buffet-style on cheese, popcorn, oranges, apples and more.

andquot;They try to do healthy food,andquot; Principal Chris McKay said. andquot;They kind of try to recreate what (pilgrims and American Indians) would have eaten.andquot;