Pilot story and photos by Bill Schlichting

It was the consensus of Chetco Pelican Players members and season ticket holders that the best play of 2003 was the musical andquot;Little Shop of Horrors.andquot;

Not only did the play, directed by the recently married Leanne McCurley Brera, win the award for Best Overall Technical Production, but it received seven more Packys.

Packys are the awards given to Chetco Pelican Players' performers and key people who make the plays happen. The trophy is considered the academy award of Brookings-Harbor theater.

The formal awards night took place Saturday at the Performing Arts Center in Harbor where thespians and friends came to cheer those who received the awards, as well as to enjoy hors d'oevres, punch and champagne.

Following andquot;Little Shop of Horrorsandquot; in the number of awards received was andquot;Auntie Mame,andquot; which received six, followed by andquot;Gypsyandquot; and andquot;Rumors,andquot; each receiving three. andquot;I Hate Hamlet,andquot; andquot;Private Livesandquot; and andquot;The Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shksprandquot; also were performed in 2003, but received no awards.

In addition to Packys, special awards and honors also were presented. Among these was the Steve Stevens Award presented to the person who has helped above and beyond the call of duty. This year's recipient was Hazel Campbell.

Also honored was Betty Schreier, who received a bouquet of flowers from co-hostess Nancy Carson for helping decorate the auditorium for the event. Hosting the event with Carson was McCurley Brera.

After the 2004 board of directors were introduced, a tribute to the late Joan Corey, a board member, was presented. At the andquot;Tribute to the Starsandquot; presentation in November, Corey portrayed Frank Sinatra singing andquot;Witchcraft.andquot;

Serving on this year's board are Dori Blodgett, Carson, McCurley Brera, Ron Lewis, Susan Brickley, Victoria Weller, Susan Campbell, Mike Vest and Mary Anne Trailor. Trailor was appointed to serve the remainder of Corey's term.

Entertainment at the Packy award night was provided by some of the people who presented acts at andquot;Tribute to the Stars.andquot; These acts included Michael S. Fox portraying Louis Armstrong singing andquot;It's a Wonderful World.andquot; Fox returned with Weller to perform a Burns and Allen comedy routine. Later, Weller sang andquot;Falling in Love Againandquot; as Marlena Dietrich.

Ballots were counted by Susan Brickley, Diana Cartwright and Trisha Terheggen.

Awards were presented by the 2002 recipients. Awards were carried onto the stage by Katie Clark.

Results are:

?Best Bit Actor in a Comedy or Drama - Bryan Holm, andquot;Auntie Mame.andquot;

?Best Bit Actor in a Musical - Richard Leathers, andquot;Little Shop of Horrors.andquot;

?Best Bit Actress in a Comedy or Drama - Crissy Cooper, andquot;Auntie Mame.andquot;

?Best Bit Actress in a Musical - Hanna Farr, andquot;Gypsy.andquot;

?Best Character Actor in a Comedy or Drama - Mike Vest, andquot;Auntie Mame.andquot;

?Best Character Actor in a Musical - Bryan Holm, andquot;Little Shop of Horrors.andquot;

?Best Character Actress in a Comedy or Drama - Sandy Bolden, andquot;Auntie Mame.andquot;

?Best Character Actress in a Musical - Haley Farr, andquot;Gypsy,andquot; and Dana Henson, andquot;Little Shop of Horrors.andquot;

?Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy or Drama - Dan McGlassen, andquot;Rumors.andquot;

?Best Supporting Actor in a Musical - Bill Smith, andquot;Little Shop of Horrors.andquot;

?Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy or Drama - Nan Udell, andquot;Auntie Mame.andquot;

?Best Supporting Actress in a Musical - Megan Walters, andquot;Gypsy.andquot;

?Best Leading Actor in a Comedy or Drama - Rob Brown, andquot;Rumors.andquot;

?Best Leading Actor in a Musical - Mike Vest, andquot;Little Shop of Horrors.andquot;

?Best Leading Actress in a Comedy or Drama - Karen McMahon, andquot;Auntie Mame.andquot;

?Best Leading Actress in a Musical - Lauren Frost, andquot;Little Shop of Horrors.andquot;

?Best Costume Design - Dori Blodgett, andquot;Gypsy.andquot;

?Best Set Design - Dan McGlassen, andquot;Rumors.andquot;

?Best Directed Play - Leanne McCurley Brera, andquot;Little Shop of Horrors.andquot;

Children receiving Young Thespian medallions were Rebecca Brickley, Ryan Brickley, Jordon Brune, Katie Clark, Jake Campbell, Jake Cartwright, Jason Cartwright, Kaitlyn Clemann, Shalynn Doan, Hanna Farr, Lauren Frost, Max Greenfield, Chris Jordon, Alex Kaylan, Kaitlin Lawrence, Raymond Maz-yck, Jacob Patterson, Tyler Pitman, Blake Polidore, Brianna Rose, Cameron Shaff, Skyler Shuford, Malorie Thompson, Jennifer Lee Anne Trailor, Adam Van Cleave and Mimi Vest.