Pilot story and photos

by Marjorie Woodfin

Hazel Allen and her staff at SeaWeeds provided an exciting day Saturday, April 3, for their customers and guests, with food, fun, music and models.

Clients and visitors in Allen's upstairs home and garden accents shop, At Home ? by the Sea, and Sea Babies infant's store, were also treated to food and fashions, but the music of Shirley Hyatt on the violin and Gil Kirk on the keyboard was downstairs in the ladies' clothing and accessories shop.

With a lavish buffet, coordinated by Hayley Farr, and toe tapping music as the models, each carrying a calla lily, glided through the store, the steady stream of customers was obviously having a good time as they felt the goods and tried on the garments.

Playing music from the 40s, Hyatt and Kirk made it hard not to dance through the shop, so difficult in fact, that some did dance around the shop.

The mood was joyous and colorful as models including Allen, Karen Bradley Clark, Connie Mosher, Melanie Wilcher Norman, Kari Quirk, and Kathy Kujawski, showed garments Allen bills as andquot;Naturally Comfortable Clothing,andquot; fashions including satin loungewear, kicky sportswear, elegant evening wear and great accessories.

Allen, who said the event was very successful, added, andquot;We're going to do some other things like this.andquot;

The event went on all day, with the music from noon to late afternoon and serving trays continually refilled as the guests kept coming to the shops, located at 519 Chetco Ave.

Hyatt and Kirk, as a duo, are available for parties, weddings and receptions. They are also two-thirds of the Wild River Ramblers, joined by Mark Gibbs on the mandolin and Kirk playing guitar. Anyone interested is special music for a special affair, can phone Hyatt at (541) 469-6159. The group's musical repertoire is eclectic, with the choice of music style being up to the whim of the partygiver.