Princess Andrea Green, whose father, Rick Green, is pastor of the Brookings Church of the Nazarene, has moved a lot in her young lifetime, from Oklahoma, Arizona, back to Oklahoma, to California and to Brookings.

Princess Andrea said she hasn't minded the moves because she and her sisters have always been a part of the decision process. When her father and her mother, Marylynn, discussed the move to Brookings from Escondido she told them, andquot;If God wants us to go to Brookings, God has always been faithful and blessed us.andquot;

She said she has been happy in Brookings and has made some good friends since the move, in the middle of her sophomore year. And being a princess is just added icing on the cake.

About being a princess Andrea said, andquot;It has to be the most exciting thing, meeting people. It's great to meet so many people who care and to see such positive encouragement, and learn about the scholarships that are available,andquot; she said.

She said it has been great to get to know the other princesses. andquot;We get along very nicely and we just have fun.andquot; She quickly added, andquot;And I definitely want to say thank you to all our sponsors. They've just been great and made it so much fun. And all those ladies, Shirley (Ardagna), Melody Bond, Alice Farmer, and Julie Miller.

Princess Andrea's career plans are to become a teacher. She plans to go to Southern Nazarene University in Oklahoma in the fall to earn her degree in education, with a minor in speech/communications. andquot;I enjoy being before people, and being in the plays at high school,andquot; she said. andquot;That might come from my dad.andquot;

Andrea said she and her sisters have often been asked to get up and say a little about themselves in church. andquot;At first I was nervous, but I love the church and their support.andquot;

When asked about what has had the strongest influence on her life, she said, andquot;My faith and my parents. They affect every decision I make.andquot; She said her dad and her mom both told her, andquot;Wherever you go, conduct yourself in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ.andquot;

The whole family, including her grandmother, Dorotha Roberts, went on the shopping trip for her dresses for the pageant. andquot;It was like a family outing.andquot;

As a member of STARS (Students Aren't Ready for Sex), Andrea goes to the middle school to talk to the younger students. andquot;They're very responsive,andquot; she said. andquot;We show videos and talk about consequences, about abstinence, and the effect of the media. It's kind of scary, but I like the kids.andquot;

She said she thinks the younger students tend to listen more to other students who are near the same age. andquot;We ask them questions about what are good reasons and bad reasons for choices and let them give the answers,andquot; she said.

Andrea said, andquot;It's important to have good teachers, and we have some great teachers.andquot;

She wasn't ready to announce her plans for the pageant talent show. andquot;It's a monologue, but I kind of want to keep it a secret. I'm nervous about it. I just want to be myself.andquot;

Princess Andrea's advice to younger students who dream of being an Azalea Princess is, andquot;Go for it. And, it's exciting what can happen. Be yourself throughout. Don't try to be somebody else. They want to hear from, and get to know you.andquot;