Pilot story and photos

by Donald Allison

MYRTLE POINT - A few hundred people turned out Saturday for free chicken and many valuable door prizes during the Coos-Curry Electric Co-op 66th Annual Meeting.

The Myrtle Point High School choir sang and danced to numerous tunes from the 1950's and '60s for the crowd during lunch, delivering energetic and choreographed routines including a mock drag race on foot scooters.

The chicken looked fresh and tender, with Black Market Gourmet Chef Jardin Kazaar cooking up the poultry on a big barbecue.

Kazaar said he mentors a class at Myrtle Point High School in catering and cooking, and one of his students is going to Oregon State University this year to major in food science.

While Kazaar cooked outside, the students he is mentoring served the food inside, and attendees also got to taste beans, coleslaw, delicious cake and lemonade.

A pie contest was sponsored by Riders of the Wind 4-H of Port Orford to benefit the 4-H Leadership Association, and Bernita Robinson walked away with the grand prize with her lemon meringue pie, her fourth year getting the honor.

A number of pies were entered into the contest, and during a break in the state-of-the-company address, all of them were auctioned off for cash as 4-H'ers showcased each of them around the room.

Small bidding wars broke out between board members and people in the audience, as some had their eye on certain pies. Robinson's pie won top bid at $100, the most ever bid for a pie at the event, which helped the 4-Hers raise $501 for their organization.

A health fair was set up next door and people were able to have their vision and hearing tested, as well as find out about new technologies in health care.

The Ruralite 50th Anniversary Quilt was also on display during the festivities, and Faye Albertson from Coquille was recognized for having a square she knitted on the quilt.

Just about everybody walked away with a door prize, with almost anything that can be thought of given away: camping gear, tools, coolers with wheels, gloves, digital organizers and $50 bills.

Those who didn't win a door prize did get a free energy-efficient light bulb and a Coos-Curry Electric Co-op book bag, as well as plenty of information about a rebate program and energy credits. For information, call (541) 469-0700 or visit http:// www.cooscurryelectric.com